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Acquira Wealth Partners – Reine Clemow
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Reine Clemow

December Economic Update

Discover what has happened over the last month with this short update from Brain Parker

Global markets seem unchanged but geo politics continue to provide some uncertainty
Australia had a negative performance for the month due to decreasing iron ore prices
There are improved signs with business confidence and business credit increasing.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas […]

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Investment Beliefs

What are your investment beliefs and where did they come from?
With the weekend approaching, it reminded me of catching up with some friends last week.

We were having a BBQ lunch and they were talking about some investment ideas as they have just moved over from New Zealand and were trying to understand the property and share market […]

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October Economic Update

Reine Clemow from Acquira Wealth Partners introduces Brian Parker who discusses the economic conditions during  the month of October. He discusses;

How markets have performed generally,
What are the key factors driving global markets,
How is Australia faring
What positioning is taking place within investment portfolios.

We  hope you enjoy the update and please post comments and questions below.

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The Secret To Achieving Your Dreams Comes Down To One Word…

Trust. It is the key to all great relationships and where there is trust in place magic can happen. But to trust someone you have to open up and why on earth would anyone reveal their deepest desires and dreams and share the things that scare them?
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