Financial Freedom

If you have built your assets to a point where you have achieved financial freedom or are very close to doing so, ongoing wealth management should be your priority . As a result of compounding interest, the five years prior to and the first five years in retirement are critical years as this is often when your asset base will be at its highest. Specific strategies need to be employed now because once you begin to draw down on capital, an incorrect strategy could spell disaster and undo a lifetime of capital growth.

If your priority is wealth management we help by proactively managing your financial affairs by developing strategies and then selecting financial solutions that best suit your needs. We focus on reducing tax and structuring your investments in such a way that you can start to enjoy living the life that desire.


The Acquira Wealth Management Service is an ongoing service designed for clients that want:

  • to remain clear about what their financial future looks like
  • have regular reviews with strategy and investment updates
  • access to ongoing professional advice, as and when is required
  • highly skilled advisers who maintain ongoing education to ensure you remain updated on all key financial and economic areas that affect you
  • a support team to deal with your day to day queries and requests

The process we follow allows us to connect and to feel that there is fit both on a relationship level and to ensure we can deliver value by preparing strategic advice.

First, we spend the time to understand your situation. This can be achieved in an initial meeting or sometimes a follow up meeting is helpful to ensure we have all the information necessary for you to feel comfortable to proceed. There is no cost or obligation during this process as it is at our expense. Prior to you agreeing to proceed we will discuss our fees upfront and transparently with you.

At our next appointment we will go through our recommendations with you. We often use visual presentation methods because we have found the saying, “that a picture says a thousand words” is never more true than when presenting financial planning concepts. They are often not simple concepts but easily explained and remembered with pictures.

We then explain how our ongoing service offering will support you and keep you on track. This again is tailored to what is important to you and we will discuss both the tangible and intangible aspects on an ongoing, trusted advice relationship.