In early July 2015, Reine and Nicole Clemow, joined a group of some of Australia’s most successful financial advisers attending the GPS Wealth conference.  The conference focused on Mastery of the Client Experience and over the 4 day event, a host of speakers shared ideas and imparted skills on the gaining mastery.

Industry expert Andrew Inwood from Core Data, spoke on what differentiates great advice businesses and why the award winning dealer group, GPS Wealth is at the leading edge of helping advisers stand apart from what is a bank dominated industry.  World Famous Cardiologist – Dr Ross Walker explained the secrets to living a long and healthy life and Keith Cunningham spoke on the importance of passion and how to harness it. It represented a significant investment in both personal and professional development.

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The conference concluded with the announcement of the Awards For Excellence in a variety of areas. Once again these awards were hotly contested and represent a significant amount of dedication, hard work and expertise that is across the GPS Wealth business. The awards are based on a range of key criteria including values, skills and attitude as well as a strong compliance record and successful business acumen.

Reine Clemow Acquira Wealth Partners

New Advisor of the year was taken out by Gold Coast Financial Advisor, Reine Clemow whose business Acquira Wealth also took out New Practice of the Year.  In addition Acquira Wealth Partners was a finalist in both the Best Professional Standard as well as the coveted GPS Wealth Award.  “It is clear that Reine Clemow is one of those rare advisers, with a passion for excellence in everything he does and his clients clearly see this in him”.  His success in previous roles and well as in other areas of his life is a testament to how he approaches business.

Reine Clemow Financial Advisor Reine Clemow Financial Advisor Reine Clemow Best New Financial Planning Practice 2015

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When asked of why has he been so successful his response was that he simply did everything he could to put the client first and making it easy for people to understand.  He explained that seeing his parents struggle with understanding the complexities of investing had led him on a journey to help other people overcome this to retire financially and stress free.

Reine believes that building wealth is simple but not necessarily easy. It’s a bit like weight loss, we all know the fundamentals, eat less and do some exercise which is quite simple to understand but the multi billion dollar weight loss industry is a testament that people do not find it easy to do.  Our job as advisors is to make it easy for our clients so they can reach their goals while living a life that excites them.

He uses an investment philosophy called CARE which provides a simple and easy framework for clients to understand their investments. He outlines that CARE stand for Core, Active, Reserves and Enhanced and when clients understand what the different investment buckets that they have are for they are less likely to panic or be influenced by the media, a behaviour we know causes wealth deterioration.

The key to financial success is to have an exciting life and boaring money, and not the other way around.  Trying to find the next hot investment or opportunity has led to many people eroding wealth rather than building it. Reine explains that he instills discipline in his clients by having them follow a personalised strategic plan with a focus on building good quality growth assists such as property and shares, while the Reserves bucket ensures sufficient cash for any unplanned events or emergencies .

The final key in helping clients build real wealth is to develop a long term relationship with your advisor. A great advisor will be able to offer an objective view on things but do it from a place of a deep understanding of what is really important to the client.  There are many intangible benefits to a trusted advice relationship and Reine points to personal leadership and emotional support as critical elements that lead to peace of mind.

Reine also sighted his team and in particular his office manager, Donna Laverick for maintaining the highest standards in professionalism and compliance as a key to success.