Start Planning Your Financial Future Today!

With the benefit of hindsight, most people would say that they wished they had started earlier when it comes to planning and building their wealth. In fact, Alfred Einstein created a formula for compounding interest, known as the rule of 72 and went on to describe it as the 8th wonder of the world but many people never get to experience it because they start too late in life.

At Acquira Wealth Partners we agree that it is never too early to get started on a plan and just like building a home, it is essential to have strong foundations in place.


As a young wealth accumulator you:

  • Earn a regular income in excess of $100,000 but never seem to know where it goes
  • You already have a home or investment property so need to manage you financial commitments and responsibilities
  • Are looking for help in budgeting and managing money
  • Have some ideas and goals about investing but need a more comprehensive plan
  • Want to activate the rule of 72 and grow money on autopilot with compound capital growth
  • Understand what super can do for you and what to look out for

This program involves us working with you one on one and the steps are easy:

  1. Where are you now
    Where would you like to be
    What are the gaps
  1. Then we develop detailed plans and specific strategies to help you bridge the gap
    We help you put the plans in place
    We keep you on track and adapt the plan to suit you

So go ahead, close your eyes, even for just 10 seconds and imagine what your future could look like without any limitations. What would do, where would you go and what would you have?

See if you can list down a few things and then contact us to discuss how we can help you.