Gold Coast Financial Advice

Financial Planning Gold Coast – What We Do Differently

As thought leaders and financial advisers here on the Gold Coasts, we work with a select group of other leading financial advisers across Australia to bring our clients what we call Certainty Advice. I believe we stand as bright lights, shinning and leading the industry away from how it is currently perceived. We are professional advisers and too often our industry has seen advice that is not in the clients’ best interests but often put behind those of the adviser and institution providing financial products.

Our approach is different because we are not only a fee for advice firm, we also do not accept or pay any 3rd parties for referrals and we are not incentivised or remunerated in any other way apart from the fees we charge our clients.  This provides us the freedom, that many other advisers who rely on selling financial products to get paid, to deliver meaningful advice that will bring you closer to the things you care about most – we call them your aspirations.

More than offering a transparent fee arrangement, our work is then focussed on uncovering meaningful aspirations that are currently unmet in your life and are likely to take some time, money and advice to achieve.  It may be that you, like our clients, often don’t know what they don’t know. We make it our mission to help you navigate the future complexities that, left to go it alone, could cause significant problems on a financial and personal basis.

Our Promise

  1. Our initial meeting will be focused on whether we can help.
  2. We only work with clients that we can offer significant value to.
  3. Our fees will be transparent and clearly stated.
  4. We will act in your best interest – always.
  5. We will engage with you each year to determine our value and the fees you pay.
  6. We will do whatever is required in order to help you achieve your aspirations.

Our Company

Acquira Wealth Partners is located in Southport, on the Gold Coast and was founded in 2014 in order to make a difference to the financial lives of our clients.  Our principle adviser, Reine Clemow has been a financial adviser since 2001 and brings significant experience in working with our clients.  He grew up on the Gold Coast and for him, it is important to provide his community with real advice that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

Our entire team is passionate about helping people live better lives and in our society money and lifestyle are inextricably linked. We believe that providing conflict-free professional financial advice helps our clients to live better lives and enjoy more of what is meaningful to them.  When you work with Acquira Wealth Partners you have a relationship with the entire firm and not just your adviser.  We often know our clients’ lives better than they do so if there is ever a question about the path they are on, anyone one of the team can be there as support.

When you work with Acquira Wealth Partners we will look after you as if you are part of the family.  We set ourselves high standards of service and you can see some of our clients’ feedback our the independent Adviser Ratings website

So regardless of where you are in your stage of life, we can help you if you feel that there is something missing and you want more out of life.

To discover how we can help you today call us to make an appointment.

Our Fees

As already discussed, we offer a transparent fee for advice, that is free from any conflicts or 3rd party incentives. We will only work with clients where we believe we can make a significant difference and that there is value in our advice.

We believe that each client should pay for the work required and how valuable that is to you can only be determined by you.  That is why we will present our fees along with our approach to how we would work with you in writing in a clear and easy to understand way.

“There is only a question of price when there is an absence of value”

Call the office on 07 5641 4428 to see how we can help you.