Financial Planning Gold Coast – Done Differently!

As leading financial advisors based on the Gold Coast, we collaborate with top professionals across Australia to provide Certainty Advice. We see ourselves as guiding lights, dedicated to shaping the industry’s future. Committed to integrity, we prioritise our client’s best interests, distinguishing ourselves in an industry sometimes clouded by self-serving advice and institutional priorities.

We stand apart by operating as a fee-only firm. We neither accept nor pay third parties for referrals, and our sole source of remuneration is the fees charged to our clients. This independence grants us the freedom to provide genuine, product-neutral advice focused on realising your aspirations.

Beyond transparent fees, we concentrate on identifying unmet aspirations that may require time, financial commitment, and expert guidance. Our mission is to guide you through potential future complexities, safeguarding against financial and personal challenges that may arise when navigating alone.

Our Promise

  1. Our initial meeting assesses how we can genuinely assist you.
  2. We work exclusively with clients where we can provide substantial value.
  3. Transparent, clearly stated fees.
  4. Always acting in your best interest.
  5. Annual engagement to assess our value and your fees.
  6. Committed to doing whatever it takes to help you achieve your aspirations


Our Company

Located in Southport on the Gold Coast, Acquira Wealth Partners was founded in 2014 with a mission to positively impact the financial lives of our clients. Principal adviser Reine Clemow, with extensive experience since 2001, is deeply rooted in the Gold Coast community, driven by a commitment to provide genuine advice that truly matters.

Our dedicated team shares a passion for enhancing lives, recognising the profound connection between money and lifestyle. We firmly believe that offering conflict-free financial advice empowers our clients to lead better lives, enjoying what matters most to them. When you engage with Acquira Wealth Partners, you’re connected with the entire firm, not just your adviser. We strive to understand our clients’ lives intimately, ensuring continuous support and guidance from any team member when questions arise about their financial journey

At Acquira Wealth Partners, we treat you like family, upholding the highest service standards. Explore our clients’ feedback on the independent Adviser Ratings website to see the impact of our commitment

Whether you’re at any life stage and seeking more from life, we’re here to help. Call us today make an appointment and discover how we can assist you.

Our Fees

As mentioned, our fee structure is transparent and free from conflicts, third-party payments, or commissions. We selectively work with clients where we can make a substantial impact, ensuring the value in our advice is evident.

Believing in personalised value, we present our fees and approach in a clear, written format, allowing you to determine the worth of the work required for your unique financial goals.

“There is only a question of price when there is an absence of value”

Call the office on 07 5641 4428 to see how we can help you.