Nicky Feltham- Client Manager

Nicky Feltham, our Client Manager extraordinaire, has been a vital part of the Acquira Wealth Partners family since 2021, bringing a wealth of experience garnered since 2008 in the financial industry. Armed with an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Nicky is not just a seasoned professional; she’s a highly driven customer service advocate.

Beyond the numbers and the details of implementing clients’ advice, Nicky possesses an innate ability to turn every interaction into a delightful experience. Her exceptional eye for detail ensures that every client receives personalised attention, making them feel not just valued, but truly understood.

In her role as Client Manager, Nicky doesn’t just manage clients; she crafts relationships. Her engaging personality, coupled with a dedication to wellness, makes her not just your client manager but a trusted ally on your financial journey. With Nicky by your side, your financial experience is elevated and becomes a partnership in well-being