Donna Laverick – Practice Manager

How did I find my way to Acquira Wealth Partners? My journey paralleled Reine’s, as we both honed our skills at NAB. My career in Financial Planning began in 2002, culminating in establishing and leading a remote support team for Queensland. I’m proud to have twice earned the title of Queensland Financial Planning Best Employee (in a support role) and to be recognized as NAB’s top employee for Queensland. When Reine ventured into entrepreneurship, the decision to join him was immediate, and it’s proven to be a rewarding choice.

Beyond Acquira Wealth Partners, my passions unfold in the realm of creativity. Drawing and painting are personal favorites, as is the joy of transforming my living space into a warm, inviting home. Above all, my son holds the top spot in my life, and I actively engage in community service as a Justice of the Peace.

The best advice I’ve received resonates with timeless wisdom: ‘Be true to yourself and treat people how you would like to be treated at that time and at that age.’ It encapsulates the values of discretion, honesty, and respect, principles that guide me in every situation.

As for my bucket list, it’s a straightforward dream—to buy an apartment. Professionally, my idea of a great week at work involves accomplishing all set goals while still finding moments to share a laugh along the way. It’s the balance of achievement and joy that defines a truly fulfilling week for me