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Acquira Wealth Partners provides people with a clear picture of their financial situation. We help people to take control of their personal situation and provides financial solutions that meet their specific needs.

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How Ethical and Conflict Free Advice Helps Achieve Retirement Dreams

Mark Story from Professional Planner interviews Acquira Wealth Partners:
Like many financial advisers, Reine Clemow’s decision to jump ship from the financial planning arm of National Australia Bank to IFA-land was all about disassociating himself from the public disdain plaguing institutionally owned dealer groups following high-profile scandals such as CBA, Storm Financial and others.

Irreconcilable differences […]

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10 Simple Steps To Retiring 10 Years Early

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10 Simple Steps
To Retiring 10 Years Early
Let me put a pin in your bubble and tell you, you’re not really going to see anything here you don’t know, the key is putting it together. We don’t want […]

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Leading The Field In Financial Planning On The Gold Coast

A Heartfelt Thank You
We have recently received the results of the Core Data Client Experience Research and I have included a summary of the report below.
Please open and have a quick read.  If you have any comments, please post them in the comments box below.
In short, you have scored Acquira Wealth Partners significantly higher than our […]

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The Richest Man In Babylon

Get your free copy of this amazing book.  Simply open this blog post and click on the book cover to download and enjoy it.


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How To Find Lost Super!

AUSSIES are missing out on nearly $12 billion of their own “lost” money.
“The good news? Getting it back is not hard and we can help you.”
The Australian Taxation Office has released its latest data on lost and unclaimed super, revealing a whopping $11.7 billion sitting in lost superannuation accounts.

Just look at the lost super […]

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Retire Comfortably

4 Steps YOU can take NOW to make sure you are in a comfortable position when Retirement comes knocking.

Retirement…it can be a scary thing and for most Australian’s these days it is indeed a impending decision they need to do something about.

No more is retirement about the good ol’ days. It’s a period of […]

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How To Build Wealth While Paying Off Your Home Loan Soon

Most of us don’t think twice about recycling our plastics and paper waste to help save the environment, but what about recycling debt. Is that a good way to save money? Debt recycling is the process of replacing mortgage debt or bad debt with investment debt, which is known as good debt. This strategy […]

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Budget Review 2016 – No More Super Santa

I have outlined some of the proposed changes to superannuation, with some seemingly having retrospective implications for those already in retirement phase.  We can be certain, that if life nothing remains the same and with change comes the challenge of how to best adapt.


What we can be certain is that Santa certainly did not […]

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The Damn Markets!

Most investors would rather forget the last 6 months as some of the healthy returns from the last 5 years have been swiftly wiped away.

Looking back over the last 5 years we can see both the rises and falls have quite volatile but since the middle of last year, when the market nearly reached 6000, the fall to today’s […]

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