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January CARE Investment Update

Reflecting on 2015, investment market returns were strong in the first half and weak in the second, echoing substantial falls in commodity prices (iron ore, gold, and oil) and falls in bank stocks in Australia caused by an increased capital requirements im-posed by APRA, the regulator. Markets have not been satisfied that adequate debt […]

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Merry Christmas

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Short term hindsight

The Sydney Morning Herald’s 9th October Headline Reads:
ASX enjoys best week since December 2011.
Yet just a few weeks ago the media was causing panic about falling markets, concerns with China’s slowing economy and the sluggish US jobs.  With anything the media loves to focus on the short term and as investors we need to continue […]

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Act In Haste, Repent In Waste

I was only yesterday reading some commentary provided to me by our investment committee at GPS.  It promoted me today to grab some screen shots from Yahoo Finance because the short term volatility always seems more magnified when looking at it without long term context.

You can see that in the short term (over the last […]

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Financial Observer Article

Acquira Wealth Partners senior financial adviser Reine Clemow and his business were named new adviser of the year and new practice of the year by dealer group GPS Wealth at its annual conference last month.
GPS rewarded a number of individuals and businesses for excellence in a variety of hotly contested areas, representing a significant […]

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Gold Coast Financial Planning Business Wins Awards

In early July 2015, Reine and Nicole Clemow, joined a group of some of Australia’s most successful financial advisers attending the GPS Wealth conference.  The conference focused on Mastery of the Client Experience and over the 4 day event, a host of speakers shared ideas and imparted skills on the gaining mastery.

Industry expert Andrew Inwood from Core […]

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April Economic Update

To discover some interesting updates, open the post to watch the video or access the written PDF version.

Click Here to download the written version in PDF

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April Market Update

Here is a quick market wrap for the month.  I introduce Brian where he discusses:

 how world share prices fell back a little in March, after some very sound gains in February
how the good performance of share markets in Europe and Japan comes at a time when the financial woes in Greece haven’t been resolved, […]

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Investment Property Returns Still Lagging

Over the December 2014 quarter, 8.6% of all home resales recorded a gross loss compared to their previous purchase price. The figure had fallen from 9.1% over the September 2014 quarter and was lower than the 9.6% recorded over the December 2013 quarter. The proportion of loss-making resales was at its lowest level in […]

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Investing In Property

I Bet You Wish You Had Advice Like This When You Were Buying Your First Home!
Question: Are you buying your first home or are you buying an investment property – the answer is both, but only if done correctly.
“Please share this information with your kids or friends”
When you bought your first home, did you one day […]

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