Episode #1 (Season 2) – Are we inflating the bubble or pumping the tyres?


Episode #11 (Season 1) – Rising from the depths of recession! How will we handle the way out?


Episode #10 – Property: -10% to 10%! How did the banks get it so wrong?


Special Edition – Constructing and managing client portfolios in these extraordinary times


Episode #9 – Platforms: removing the invisible cost of financial administration


Episode #8 – A COVID world – seen through the eyes of insurers


Episode #7 – Uncover, Discover, Recover the Road Through Recession!


Episode #6 – The Rollercoaster is over: Now for the Road Bumps!


Episode #5 – Client Behaviour in an Asymmetric Financial World!


Episode #4 – The Road Out: Tread Carefully!


Episode #3 – The next 3 months and beyond: The future has a future!


Episode #2 – Defensive Assets: True to label in volatile times!


Episode #1 – Making sense of the nonsensical!